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Eric Stoll: A Market Veteran

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Eric Stoll is a former firefighter who lives in Williamsburg and works as an environmental police officer in Newport News. But every Saturday, he makes a little extra money at the market, selling canned goods from an Amish cooperative in Harrisonburg and soy candles that he makes himself.

“I’ve got a pretty good group of people who come looking for me each week,” Stoll said.

“When you first come out here, naturally, you’re not doing as well as you would like to do, but people get to know you,” Stoll said.

“But after the first year, when people saw I was regular, I continued growing my bases. I got my e-mail address on my candles, so they e-mail me and make sure I’m going to be here, and what fragrances I’m going to have.”

2 Comments on “Eric Stoll: A Market Veteran”

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